Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Registrar Riddle Time

Suppose there are 5 GP Registrars all living next to each other in hospital accommodation. The accommodation is set out as 5 flats in a straight row 1 to 5. Each flat is decorated inside in a different colour and each of the Registrars lives alone without distraction, such is their dedication to their GP vocation and training! Each Registrar has a favourite tipple that cushions the long hours in the eportfolio documenting their experiences and reflective practice. The registrars all work in the hospital but are all attached to different GP practices and they all have a favourite sweet which is specific to them. 
1.   Mary lives in the red flat. 
2.   Jim is attached to a practice in Beauly. 
3.   Emma drinks beer. 
4.   The flat decorated green is just to the left of the one decorated white. 
5.   The registrar in the green flat drinks red wine. 
6.   The registrar who likes wine gums is attached to a practice in Forres. 
7.   The registrar in the yellow flat likes Sherbet Lemons. 
8.   The registrar in the middle flat drinks tea. 
9.   Finlay lives in the first flat. 
10. The registrar who likes pan drops has a neighbour who is attached to a practice in Inverness. 
11.  The registrar who likes midget gems drinks orange juice. 
12.  The registrar who is attached to a practice in Elgin lives next door to the registrar who likes Sherbet lemons. 
13.  Euan likes Jelly Babies. 
14.  Finlay lives next door to the blue flat. 
15.  The registrar who likes Pan Drops lives next door to the registrar who drinks gin. 
But who is attached to the Aviemore Practice? 

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