Wednesday, 5 June 2013

End of Recruitment for August 2013

That's recruitment over for 2013.  Congratulations to those of you successful in Round 2, we look forward to meeting up with you at the induction meetings in August.  Our administration team have already been in contact with you with the necessary details for starting GP training. 

Up till now you have been able to follow us on the blog, we will soon be sending you log-ins for our online information and discussion system called Moodle.  This system contains all the information you will need during your time training with us.  You will need to look specifically at the programs for the induction meetings in Inverness and Aberdeen which will be posted in the Common Room section under "Your Educational Program".  In July you will also need to register with the RCGP as an Associate member so you can get access to your eportfolio.

Welcome to your career in general Practice!