Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Orkney Culture

Interested in coming to Orkney on our Rural Track and Grampian 4 Year Programs?  Enjoy your music and culture?  Fionn McArthur, one of Radio Orkney's presenters, has kindly written this article on some of the cultural opportunities on Orkney.

 ‘Orkney’s culture…. is perhaps most important….. in opening up imaginations, building shared memories, raising aspirations, giving hope and delight –simply making Orkney a place where people want to live.’

The above quote comes from cultural commentator Francois Matarasso. He was commissioned by Highlands and Islands Enterprise in 2011 to come up with a report looking at why Orkney’s cultural life is so vibrant, and what lessons other parts of the country might want to learn.

It came as no surprise to any Orcadian – either native or ‘adopted’ – that the islands were chosen to be the basis for such a study. Arts and culture are an integral part of life here, ranging from informal music-making in homes and village halls, to performances by some of the world’s finest classical musicians. The islands are a haven for artists, with the Pier Arts Centre playing host to some of the most gifted contemporary practitioners. Community drama is a mainstay of the winter months here, with highly polished productions from across the islands competing in an annual festival each February. The craft sector is a major local employer, with jewellery designers drawing inspiration from Orkney’s artists of the past who - thousands of years ago - left their mark in our native stone.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Recruitment For August 2014

Just as the successful applicants from last year start their GP training its time to start the whole process all over again!  The dates for round 1 of recruitment are now available. 

Applications can be submitted from

10.00am Tuesday 12th November 2013

Applications MUST be submitted by

17:00pm   on Thursday 5th December 2013

Foundation Competence evidence submitted by 17:00pm   on Thursday 5th December 2012

Stage 2 (Computer Based Test)

From Saturday 4th January up to and including Saturday 11th January 2014. Places can be booked, on invitation, from 6th December 2013 once your application has been accepted.
Stage 3 (Selection Centre)

From 3rd February - 14th February 2014. Places must be booked by 30th January 2014

Offers out

By 5th March 2014 - offers may be released early if the deaneries are able to do so.
Offers accepted by
Within 48 hours of offer

Held offers accepted or declined by 10th March 2014
Local Clearing commences

From 10th March 2014 onwards as offers are accepted / declined

National Clearing From 17th March 2014 or as soon after as possible