10 Reasons to Love GP

We asked a bunch of GPs to give us ten reasons why they love general practice.  Here are just some of the highlights....

"I enjoy it when patients want to come back and see me. They wait for me to come back from my holiday, that means a lot to me."

"I enjoy using my clinical skills, no  MRIs or CTs, just the stethoscope and some clinical skills augmented by some blood tests, GPs are now the true clinicians"

"I love getting to spend some time with my kids.  I really can get the work/life balance right..........I can get to the Sports Day , Carol Concert etc"

"I really get to know my patients over 5,10,15 years and I get to help & support them through the some of the best and some of the hardest times in their lives.  There really is no more privileged job."

"The breadth and variety of general practice is so challenging, you just never know what is going to come through the door next.  There is never a dull moment."

"I get to work in a great team.... doctors, practice nurses, community nurses, admin team, mangers..........all working for a common goal.  Most of all, GPs are a pretty normal and down to earth bunch, and those that aren't are fun/interesting!"

"Thirst for finding out what’s REALLY wrong (it's not just about the medical problems)"

"No two days are the same, anything can walk through the door...and usually does."

"The variety of emotions in a single surgery, patients with horrible lives and very sad experiences, the relief of those being told they don't have a serious diagnosis, the joy of pregnancy,  to those who just make you laugh"

"I enjoy talking to and helping people"

"I enjoy looking after families from cradle to grave.  Looking after babies and mothers at one end of the spectrum and helping people at the end of their life at the other. Extremely rewarding"

"The beautiful moments of sitting at the same height as your patient, and having a role in helping them move forward"

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