Wednesday, 20 September 2017

New blog feature - Feedback from Day Release......

'a safe and confidential space to discuss problems and issues - professional and personal'

'hearing interesting cases from peers and thinking - how would I approach it?'


Day Release Group Work

Today we welcomed the new ST1s and ST3s to their first session of Day Release Group Work.

The session started with an introduction by Dr Graeme Brown and a snippet from the movie 'The Wit', during which the main character is given her advanced cancer diagnosis. Certainly something to generate discussion.........

The groups then went off with their facilitators to begin building the foundations of their groups for on going learning throughout their GP placements. The small group facilitated sessions are an opportunity to meet and discuss with peers challenges in General Practice, ethical problems and clinical conundrums.

After a break for coffee the groups split again to undertake some self directed learning using the NES CONNECT PBSGL Modules.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

ST2 Induction

This week it was the turn of the GPST2s to be welcomed back to their new year of training.  A break from their hospital posts, they had a chance to have some discussion about how to succeed through their ST2 year. 

The morning session focussed on the AKT exam and we were pleased to welcome Dr Sally Harkness – an RCGP examiner, who led a very informative session on how the exam is organised, the practicalities and how to prepare for it.  They then got a chance to complete a mock exam which was followed by feedback on the answers and tips on exam technique and avoiding common pitfalls.

A break for lunch gave them all a chance to catch up with each other and the various members of the team.

The day then concluded with a couple of sessions on requirements for the year and the various opportunities available to help maximise their learning – condensed curriculum guides, core workshops and group teaching sessions to name a few.

After a brief Q+A session they went away armed with lots of information and enthusiasm to tackle the year ahead!

Dr Lorraine Sinclair, Career Start GP in Medical Education

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

ST3 Induction

It was a pleasure to meet the GPST3's at their induction.

It only feels like yesterday that they all started their training 2 years ago.

We discussed how to progress successfully through the year- trying to avoid the common pitfalls we see.

We had a very interesting session on "Trust" and how to earn this followed by how to use social media appropriately!

We finished by bringing in a selection of GPs with differing roles to discuss the different job opportunities available to GPs once qualified and out in the big bad world. A very enjoyable morning.

Dr Vicki Guthrie, TPD, Grampian Programme

ST1 Induction 30/8/17

So with the first week of September came the chance for us to welcome the new Grampian ST1s.
They had a busy but enjoyable day looking at different aspects of their GP training. 

The day was broken up into several sessions designed to help them succeed throughout their training.  They came up with some great ideas for roles, challenges and qualities of GPs. 

There were also sessions on the eportfolio and requirements for satisfactory completion.  Looking at the different requirements and having a discussion about these let them discuss challenges that may arise and how they would overcome these.

The breaks throughout the day also gave them a chance to get to know each other and the postgraduate team.  Then following their long but enjoyable day at Foresterhill some of the trainees headed to the Atholl Hotel where they met with some RCGP committee members.

Dr Lorraine Sinclair, Career Start GP in Medical Education

Maryhill Practice set for the small screen...

Red Sky Productions have been filming at Maryhill Practice in Elgin to produce a three part BBC documentary series. 
They have been particularly interested in the journey of the GP Trainees attached to the practice, and how they maintain an appropriate life-work balance during the transition between training and working independently as GPs.
The production team have been impressed by the broad range of clinical services provided, and the level of supportive team-working among all the staff.
We hope that the programmes will highlight the very best qualities of General Practice. Look out for the series in Spring 2018.