Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Scottish Careers Fair

It was great to meet up with so many of you at the Scottish Careers fair last Saturday. Thanks must go to our trainee ambassadors Anne Rennie and Ian Robinson from the Caledonian Programme, and Catherine Brown and Jacqueline Gray from the Rural Track Programme in Shetland who willingly gave up valuable weekend time to promote GP as a career.

Throughout the day our team enjoyed having the chance to speak to lots of you who are interested in a career in General Practice, with many of you also keen on exploring the option of rural training. Our trainees, along with our Director Dr Ronald MacVicar, ran a seminar entitled "So you want to be a GP?" which attracted a large audience and this was followed by Catherine Brown and our Rural Track Training Program Director, Dr Liz Barr, who also led a seminar on Rural GP training, again with significant interest.

It was great to see so many of you genuinely interested in a career in General Practice, we hope the opportunity to talk directly to some of our trainees was helpful and look forward to welcoming you to the North Region GP Training programs in the years to come.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

GMC Trainee Survey, A Good News Story!

Feedback is extremely important to us.  It is only by gathering feedback from our trainees that we have been able to improve the standards of our programs and your training experience.  For this reason the GMC trainee Survey is very valuable to us and its results have allowed us to improve a number of areas.

Here are some of the highlights from this years survey.  Results are out of the 20 UK Deaneries.
  •  North of Scotland GPSTs are the second most satisfied overall with the GP component of their training - pipped at the post by SW Peninsula
  •  North of Scotland GPSTs are the most satisfied overall with their educational supervision during the GP component of their training
  •  North of Scotland GPSTs are the most satisfied overall with the hospital component of their training
  •  North of Scotland GPSTs are the most satisfied overall with the clinical supervision during the hospital component of their training.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Recruitment Dates For August 2015 Announced

The recruitment dates for August 2015 round of GP Training have been announced on the GP NRO website and are copied below.  So why not make the best decision of your life and apply for GP Training in the North of Scotland!

Advert Appears  01 November 2014
Apply from 11 November 2014
Closing Date 04 December 2014
Invitations to Stage 2 Assessment Expected No later than 22 December 2014
Stage 2 Assessment (Computer Based Test) 03-10 January 2015
Invitations to Stage 3 (Interview) Expected No later than 21 January 2015
Stage 3 Selection Centre Window 2-13 february 2015
Offers from 23 February 2015
Hold Deadline 19 March 2015 (13.00 UK Time)
Upgrade Deadline 26 March 2015 (17.00 UK Time)
Hierarchy Deadline 31 March 2015 (17.00 UK Time)