Wednesday, 11 October 2017

‘Nice end to first GMED shift in Aboyne’

A beautiful photo taken by one of our GPST1s finishing their first OOH GP session in Aboyne, a peripheral centre 26 miles West of Aberdeen.

Dr Mike Anthony GPST1, Albyn Medical Group

Married Mountain Rescue Medics


Enjoy Mountaineering. You could follow in the footsteps of this adventurous couple who live, work and volunteer within the beautiful Cairngorms National Park.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Feedback from Day Release........

'actually being able to learn from each other'

'completely open forum in which to debrief on difficult/challenging situations'

ST1 Group work

In the first half of our small group session today, along with our facilitator Lorraine, we had a wide-ranging discussion about managing issues surrounding signing patients off sick, and the patient’s expectations regarding this, especially from a long term plan point of view.

This kind of discussion obviously provokes lots of thoughts and opinions from all group members, which highlighted how our own views and attitudes towards sick leave, benefits and entitlements play a role in shaping how we deal with such patients.

The conversation developed into a broader discussion about the changing attitudes of people across generations, in how taking responsibility and ownership of illness is changing with alterations in perceptions of life as a whole, with more focus on perfection; likely exacerbated by modern lifestyle and social media. 

Dr Mike Anthony, GPST1, Albyn Medical Group, Aberdeen

ST3 CSA Training.....

Following on from their induction earlier this month, the ST3s had a session on the CSA and how to prepare for this. 

We were pleased to have a local RCGP examiner – Dr Ruby Watt come and do a presentation on what the CSA entailed.  There was then a chance for the ST3s to write their own cases and role play these in small groups. 

The feedback from this was very good, the ST3s felt they had a better understanding of the type of cases and how to go about tackling them. 

The afternoon was then rounded up with some hints and tips from Ruby and also the team who were helping including tips from recently qualified GPs who had passed the CSA. 

Dr Lorraine Sinclair, Career Start GP in Medical Education

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

New blog feature - Feedback from Day Release......

'a safe and confidential space to discuss problems and issues - professional and personal'

'hearing interesting cases from peers and thinking - how would I approach it?'


Day Release Group Work

Today we welcomed the new ST1s and ST3s to their first session of Day Release Group Work.

The session started with an introduction by Dr Graeme Brown and a snippet from the movie 'The Wit', during which the main character is given her advanced cancer diagnosis. Certainly something to generate discussion.........

The groups then went off with their facilitators to begin building the foundations of their groups for on going learning throughout their GP placements. The small group facilitated sessions are an opportunity to meet and discuss with peers challenges in General Practice, ethical problems and clinical conundrums.

After a break for coffee the groups split again to undertake some self directed learning using the NES CONNECT PBSGL Modules.