Wednesday, 19 December 2018

News from Caledonian....December ST3 course

The ST3 Course took place in Centre for Health Sciences in Inverness over the 6th & 7th December. The two days kicked off with a day of CSA sharing and practice lead by an experienced GP, a near-peer GP and GPST who had recently passed the exam. Top tips and advice were extracted from the facilitation team and time was given over to understanding the exam, practicing techniques and facing the fears…

Day two followed the CSA theme with a morning of ‘Results not to lose sleep over’ the material for which was delivered by the laboratories and lead by Adam Brown, Consultant Microbiologist. A great opportunity to ask the questions we need to ask and hear the reassurance regarding those results which always ‘appear’ at 5pm on a Friday afternoon! As pictured here the morning began with a tour of the labs and for many the first time back in a lab coat since dissection at university! Our follow-on afternoon was an entertaining and lively affair with ‘Genetics and Ethics’ delivered by GP and Genetics Consultant Dr Helen Gregory, a great foundation for those CSA genetics questions that pop up with frustrating regularity.

During the two days the ‘Registrar Riddle Competition’ ran with a fantastic prize of ‘What’s in a Story, Lessons and Reflections in General Practice’ by David Orlans et al. The winner had to be drawn from the deluge of correct answers such is the quality of GPST training on the Caledonian and Rural Track Programmes...

…but can you solve it (for fun!)?

Dr Mark Taylor ES & GP Associate Advisor, NES, Inverness Office.

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