Wednesday, 20 June 2018

GPST Experience of Medical Student 'Rural GP Life' taster.....

I volunteered to take part in an event for first year medical students out in Ballater. 

This event was part of a series of activities organised for first year medical students that had opted for a taster of rural GP life as part of their Student Selected component block. It took place out in Ballater hostel and I was one of seven GP trainees who had headed out for the evening. 

The event included an initial ice-breaker, dinner and a speed dating type event during which medical students moved round in pairs asking questions from each trainee for roughly 10 minutes each.

This was a new experience for me as I'd never been provided with this opportunity at medical school but I found it really rewarding. 

We had really positive feedback from the first year medical students saying how they enjoyed being able to ask anything and everything about training. Additionally they appreciated our honesty and general enthusiasm we had for the specialty. They also benefitted from the range of GP trainees present from part time to full time, from just beginning to final year. 

We spoke to the students for a total of probably 1hr and a half but the time flew. I also found it really easy to chat to them about my career because the more I spoke I realised how genuinely passionate I am about GP training in Grampian.

Esther Reaves GPST2

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