Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What do GP Trainees say about Group Work.....

Each year we ask our GP trainees for feedback from all aspects of the Grampian education programme including groupwork.  The feedback is greatly valued by the GP team at NES. We hope that current trainees and those contemplating GP training will find them helpful. Here are some comments collected in June 2017 . 

very helpful to hear other trainees talk about their challenges..makes you feel better knowing others encounter problems too” 
 a safe and confidential space to discuss problems and issues – professional and personal” 
open discussions including topics wider than purely clinical but important for day to day working” 
knowing that experienced GPs go through same as us” 
encouragement and support when someone struggling and feeling stressed etc” 
calming influence when things are not going your way” 
safe/confidential environment to discuss concerns” 
having opportunity to share/discuss difficult consultations etc with peers and also things that have gone well” 
hearing interesting cases from peers and think how would I approach it”

to get clear opinions about how to deal with difficult situations/patients” 
actually being able to learn from each other again no judgement, completely open format in which to debrief on     difficult/challenging situation” 

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