Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Festive Feel to Day Release....

Trainees and group facilitators donned their Christmas jumpers in aid of Save the Children UK for the final GPST Group work session of 2017. The groups worked together at various stations meeting different GP competencies. A game of charades using non verbal communication demonstrated skills in this area, community orientation was explored with a quiz on Aberdeen and the local area and CEPS with a high pressure team Bop It session.

The final two stations included exploring the humanities with a 'Guess the Baby photo' competition and poetry writing...
A day off from work,
With tea & cake,
Pick up your fork
Enjoy what we bake.
Discuss our problems,
In therapy sessions,
To say what we've done
A big group confession.
A mixture of cultures,
Bringing knowledge and fun,
Hungry like vultures,
But only 'til one!
And a Team working session involving modelling a GP Christmas Scene out of Tin Foil.

We look forward to welcoming the trainees back in 2018..

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