Friday, 10 November 2017

North Region Trainers Conference

Last week saw North Region Educational Supervisors from Fort William to Forres, Oban to Oldmeldrum and Lerwick to Laurencekirk meet for their annual educational conference at the Newton Hotel in Nairn.

The 2 day event consisted of educational updates, inspirational talks and workshops covering a variety of topics including spirituality, IT in training, social media and realistic medicine.

A poetry session run by Dr Mark Taylor, GP and ES at Kingsmills Medical Practice in Inverness proved particularly popular, inspiring fellow GP and ES at Cove and Kincorth Medical Practice and GPST Group Work Facilitator at NES in Aberdeen, Dr Lynne MacKenzie to write the following piece....


I see your youth and your wish to live.
I hear your anger at your missed diagnosis.
I feel powerless!!

I see your wedding, an event that should be the beginning but this is almost the end.
I hear your resignation.
I feel powerless!!

I see your Mum in tears.
I hear her ask “ why couldn’t it have been me?”
I feel angry!!

I see your courage.
I hear your family asking me to “make you more comfortable “.
I feel I CAN do that.

I see your coffin lowered into the ground.
I hear silence.
I feel humbled!

I look at the trees and the sky and see SUCH beauty.
I will always treasure that.

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