Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Programs and Rotations for August 2017 Now Available

Provisional programs and rotations for August 2017 Round 1 GPST recruitment have been announced. There have been significant changes to GP Specialty Training in Scotland for the August 2017 intake. There will no longer be any 4 year programs, all GP training will be in 3 year programs. As well as this, the 4 month rotations that we used to offer in ST2 have now been changed to 6 month rotations in all our programs.

These changes have caused significant upheaval to our programs and hence we wanted to let you have sight of our provisional rotations for 2017. Please be aware, they are provisional and may be subject to change and should only be taken as an indication of what is on offer. As things become clearer we will update them.

For more information on specific programs follow the links below.

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