Wednesday, 30 November 2016

One Day Left!

You have just one day left to apply for the August 2017 start to GP Training in the North of Scotland! So make that all important decision of a lifetime and complete your application to GP training. Trainees in the North of Scotland have consistently rated it as one of the best schemes in the UK as evidenced by the GMC survey.  The hospital component, so often the Achilles heal of GP training schemes  was rated highest in the UK in the 2016 GMC survey.

Despite the recent downturn in the oil industry the North East of Scotland continues to rate highly in quality of life surveys and with fantastic outdoor opportunities for all.  Don't be put off by the house prices either, the downturn in oil has had a very positive effect in making the north east more affordable to those moving in to the area.

So get that last minute application in and we will see you  in August 2017!

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