Wednesday, 29 July 2015

No Looking Back! From London to Aberdeen

We were standing in the kitchen of our flat in London when out of the blue my husband asked 'Fancy moving to Aberdeen?'  He had been working on a project up there and had been offered a permanent post. I took a sip of my coffee and thought 'Why not?

I was a few months away from finishing GP training and we had no particular ties to staying in London. Every journey, to work or to see friends, took an hour door to door. We couldn't afford the sort of house we wanted to start a family in. May be a move was just what the doctor ordered?

A few weeks later, we took a flight up to Aberdeen. Within an hour of landing we were climbing sand dunes on the beach at Balmedie. The sun was shining, the sea was brilliant blue and the beach was empty. That evening we walked into the city centre, taking in the impressive granite buildings and enjoyed a great meal. The next day we drove out to the Cairngorm national park and realised how close Aberdeen was to some truly wild scenery. As we sat on the plane waiting to take off back to London, our decision was made.

Since moving here, we have never looked back. We live less than a five minute commute from each of our jobs, we were able to afford a beautiful home, have started a family, made a wonderful group of friends and each weekend are spolit for choice: a picnic on the beach, a walk in the hills, dolphin-watching at the harbour, a visit to a fairytale castle...the list goes on.

Being a GP is a stressful and demanding job wherever you decide to do it, but with access to all this on your doorstep, Aberdeen gives you plenty of chance to unwind.

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