Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Career Start

I am coming to the end of my Career Start Year and it’s certainly been everything I had hoped for and more. You may have seen from my blog at the start of the year I was combining GP with Old Age Psychiatry. As it happens this has worked out perfectly!

From August I will be taking up a part-time partnership at the practice where I have spent the last 12 months. This has allowed me to have a very good idea of how things work but more importantly getting to know the people I will be working with. As this is only part time to start with I need to have another source of income and I have been able to get 3 sessions a week in Old Age Psychiatry, continuing the work I have been doing in my Career Start for the past year. Without the experience of the past 12 months I suspect it would have been impossible to get as it was only created by me asking for it. Fortunately they had some spare money and have given me a job.

Looking back on the year I am much more confident in my skills as a GP but have also developed so many new ones, which has allowed me to explore other areas of medicine I would never have thought about during my training. The secondary care team have also enjoyed and valued having a GP about and I have been able to create some invaluable working relationships.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the year and would certainly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Andrew Rigby

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