Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Challenge of Combining General Practice with Hospital Medicine

Interested in General Practice but like the challenge of some aspects of hospital medicine?
Unsure about whether to apply for a training program in GP or a Specialty?

Have you considered a post in Rural GP Training?

The Rural Track GPST Programme is a bespoke programme that seeks to prepare trainees with all the skills to be a GP but also the additional skills to work in a rural area. The programme includes 6 months of "Out of Programme Experience" which is an opportunity for trainees to develop more specific skills. This may be in a GP setting in a different environment, or may be used to gain competence in additional areas such as anaesthetics, obstetrics, paediatrics etc.

There are currently 6 programmes offered with 2 posts in each of Shetland, Orkney, Western Isles, Caithness, Fort William and Oban. Each of these locations has a Rural General Hospital in addition to enthusiastic and motivated GPs offering quality education and broad-ranging experience. Working in a rural area allows GPs to develop specialist interests leading to potential portfolio careers crossing the primary-secondary care divide.

Some examples of these opportunities can be seen in all of the Rural GP Training locations. In Oban a number of GPs work in Diving Medicine whilst in Fort William there is a long-standing provision of Occupational Health services. Some GPs in Shetland provide Obstetric cover including intra-partum care, and in the Western Isles one GP has run Dermatology clinics. In Orkney for many years GPs were the lead clinicians in Medicine and in the Western Isles interested GPs cover the hospital out-of-hours. The latter model is currently also being explored in Caithness.

These are only a small selection of the opportunities routinely available to GPs in rural areas who wish to combine traditional General Practice with more specialist skills. For more information on our Rural Track GP Training programmes contact, Elizabeth Barr Training, Programme Director .

Round 2 of recruitment is now under way and we have posts available on the Rural track Program including:-

  • Shetland, 1 post
  • Orkney, 2 posts
  • Western Isles, 2 posts
  • Caithness, 2 posts
  • Fort William, 1 post
  • Oban 1 post

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  1. Looks very similar in New Zealand where the Div Rural Hospital Medicine training is increasingly popular - these opportunities should appeal to people who want great generalist training over person centred medicine with a range of procedural skills I reckon.