Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Post CCT GP Fellowships

Training does not need to finish with your CCT. In Scotland we offer a number of opportunities for you to continue your career development beyond GPST.  We have mentioned the North of Scotland Career Start scheme on this blog on a number of occasions.  As well as the  Career Start scheme there is also a Scotland wide GP Fellowship scheme.  These are one-year posts in a range of locations across the country with a focus on Rural Practice, Health Inequalities, Medical Education and Occupational Medicine. These posts are recruited to each Spring, and the 2015 recruitment round opens on 2nd April 2015, with the closing date of 23rd April 2015.

Rural Fellowships

The one-year GP Rural Fellowships represent an opportunity to work in Scotland to develop the generalist skills required to work in some of the most beautiful areas of our country. There are two types of Rural Fellowship - 'Standard' and 'Acute Care'. Up to 12 Rural fellowships will be recruited to in 2015; eight Standard Fellowship Posts and four Acute Care Fellowship posts:
  • The 'standard' GP Rural Fellowship option based on the curriculum for rural practice developed by the Remote and Rural Training Pathways Group (GP sub-group Final Report Sept 2007).
  • The newer GP Acute Care Rural Fellowship option based on the, GP Acute Care Competencies work following from the agreement of the Framework for the Sustainability of Services and the Medical Workforce in Remote Acute Care Community Hospitals.
Fellows gain experience by working in remote and/ or rural general practice (for the 'Standard' option) or hospital practice (for the Acute Care option) as well as in a 'base practice' in a rural area. The fellowship year includes 13 weeks of protected time and a generous financial allowance to support a flexible, individually tailored learning programme based on the fellow's individual needs.

The Rural Fellowships are designed for doctors that have reasonably recently completed their General Practice Specialty Training and have an interest in experiencing remote and rural practice. There may be regular travel to and within remote areas which may not be served by public transport, therefore if candidates do not hold a valid UK driving licence, it will be necessary to organise travel arrangements and suitable alternative transport. Travel expenses incurred as a result of the need to travel will be reimbursed. Posts are available for August 2015 in a variety of rural locations across Scotland including Arran, Cowal, Islay, Lochaber, Moray, Orkney, Skye, Sutherland, Tayside, Dumfries & Galloway and the Western Isles.

Medical Education Fellowships in General Practice

The Medical Education Fellowships are designed for doctors who have reasonably recently completed their General Practice Specialty Training and have an interest in medical education. The part time nature of the posts allows candidates time to continue to develop generalist skills in the context of service general practice (eg through a locum appointment) while undertaking a tailored programme of exposure and training in relation to medical education. This will involve being attached to the regional Postgraduate GP unit with opportunities to become involved with teaching, educational developments, quality assurance initiatives and evaluation/ research. Individuals will be encouraged to start a postgraduate qualification relevant to medical education. Four 0.5 WTE posts are available in the 2015 recruitment round one in each of the East of Scotland (1), South East of Scotland (1), West of Scotland (1) and North of Scotland (1).

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