Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Transferring Deaneries from Manchester to Grampian

I am Samantha, a GPST2 just transferred to Scotland deanery from the North West in England. I’m going to share my experience of transferring to hopefully help anyone considering applying for a transfer or coming to work in Grampian.

I’m Aberdonian, trained in Aberdeen and moved to Manchester to start my foundation training and subsequent GP training. My partner unfortunately lost his job in Manchester and found employment in the oil capital, Aberdeen. We tried long distance for a year but found it difficult personally and financially.

Leaving Manchester was a hard decision; I enjoyed lots the city has to offer in terms of restaurants, cafes, cake shops, art venues and shopping. I was pleasantly surprised returning to live in Aberdeen to see the development of the city. Restaurant favorites I've discovered so far are Moon Fish Cafe, Adelphi, Oryza, and Food Story. I've also rediscovered Aberdeen’s beautiful beach, coastline, and fantastic scenery in the surrounding areas.

In Grampian the GP training is well organized through an online system called Moodle, which eased my transition. On the site there is lots of information about training, educational workshops and careers advice. In Grampian there is a lot of information and support available for life after training. The educational team have a great attitude to careers and are keen to discuss options with trainees such as career start – a programme for the first year after qualification to work and receive further specialist training. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to specialize as a GP to enhance their working careers and employability.

Dr Tim Jones Training Programme director and Linda Crawford Training Programme leader were very welcoming and helpful during my move to Grampian and I would like to thank them and everyone involved who has helped me settle in.

If you are thinking of working in the North East, Id highly recommend a visit round the lovely Granite City! Good luck with your application and or transfer if you decide to apply.

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