Thursday, 19 March 2015

Some Positive Feedback

Dolphins at Aberdeen Harbour (Within the Kincorth practice area!)
Kincorth 5th year medical Student GP attachment

Here is the very positive feedback from one of our medical students on her GP placement – Kirsten is now considering GP for her speciality training.

"My GP attachment far exceeded my expectations. I was provided with numerous learning opportunities and all staff were very supportive, helpful and willing to teach. At the beginning of my attachment I expressed an interest in doing solo surgeries and was very grateful to have had the opportunity to do 113 solo consultations. Throughout the 7 weeks, I worked with a different GP or member of the health care team every session. This allowed me to observe a wide range of professionals and obtain feedback from these individuals which has been very valuable. I felt very welcomed and very much part of the practice team and I really appreciated that I was regarded as a "young professional". Whilst I was very keen to take on this role initially I did feel a little nervous. However, I was very well supported and always had opportunity to ask for help or to have a debrief discussions with doctors.

I was delighted that I had the opportunity to give 40 flu jags at the flu clinic, assist in minor surgery, assist with acupuncture and give intraarticular and subcutaneous injections. I feel a lot more confident in doing procedures that I had very little experience of before.

I have learned a great deal from my GP placement and am very grateful to have had such a well organised teaching opportunity. My main learning points were:

  • Learning how to tailor consultations and examinations to specific presentations, including ruling out sinister causes
  • Gaining experience and insight into how to deal with difficult patients. 
  • Learning about the complexity of managing diseases in the community. 
  • Gaining experience and learning how to be a member of a professional team
I am so grateful to have had such an educational GP placement, it has given me a wealth of experiences and the opportunity to be part of a team , under supervision but with my own responsibilities, has been very valuable.

Kirsten Cumming"

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