Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Welcome Class of 2014! Grampian ST1 Induction.

Welcome to the Grampian ST1s of 2014!  Last week saw our first get together at the ST1 induction at Forestgrove house.  It was great to meet up with all bar one of our new intake (the one missing person did have a cast iron excuse that his wife was in labour at the time!).

We spent two days together getting to know each other and preparing for the next few years of GP Specialty Training.  The wheels were particularly well oiled by some very fine home baking from the Adviser Team.  We would have put up photos of the lemon cupcakes but they all disappeared in the first 5 minutes.

Day one was mainly spent in small groups with the training program advisors (GPs who supervise and monitor GP training).  Some of our current and recently qualified GPSTs were also kind enough to come along and share some of their experiences of their GP training.  We looked at the learning and organisation skills that will be needed for the next few years.  Particularly how to identify learning needs, how to meet those learning needs and then how to evidence that learning.  Day two was spent looking at the practicalities of the eportfolio and how to ensure satisfactory progression through GP training.  All this was finished off with some training in the group work that forms the core of the educational program during your training.

Here is some feedback we received from our trainees.
  • "Everyone very approachable and well organised"
  • " I would say a fantastic group of GPs, Facilitators and Trainees.  Well presented and good facilities.  At the end of the sessions I feel confident and more motivated"
  • "Overall very welcome and friendly induction.  Everyone very approachable.  Very clear instructions on what is expected of us re eportfolio etc."
  • "Overall a well organised two days and a lovely group of people"
  • "Overall, extremely good induction conducted by approachable and encouraging trainers, thankyou"
  • "Great to get advice from the current ST3's- very relevant"
Thanks go to David Lovell, Laura Muirhead and Ade Adekunle who took time out to pass on their experiences of GP training and particularly to Isobel Green for the lemon cupcakes!

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