Friday, 1 November 2013

Improving Our Grampian Rotations

We are constantly trying to improve the relevance and educational value of the hospital aspect of our training schemes.  Last year we introduced extra posts in both pediatrics and obstetrics & gynecology, these posts replacing general orthopedic posts.  We have been working closely with the clinical supervisors in these departments to maximise the educational component in these posts and ensure the experience gained is particularly relevant to our GP specialist trainees.

As part of this process we have been keeping in close touch with our trainees in these new posts and they have been giving us feedback on their experiences.  Here is some of what they have been telling us!

Paediatric posts in Aberdeen. 

 We now have 4 paediatrics posts, three medical and one surgical, these being 4 month posts. Here is what the current trainees think of the posts.

Medical Paediatrics

“Working in  medical paediatrics has been a welcomed experience , in fact apart from my GP rotation it is the best post I have had so far"

"I have had 4 weeks of clinic attendance where I have, on various occasions, been allowed to see patients alone and discuss with the consultant after.  I also have the responsibility for dictating relevant clinic letters."

"The rota is fantastic with a good mix of PAU , ward and HDU shifts.  There is also a handbook of paediatrics  saved on the desktop of each computer for quick reference.  Most importantly, we are well supported, and the senior colleagues very approachable and nice. It's like one big family and I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far."

"Personally I have learnt a lot in terms of what sort of cases need referred and clarity on those that could be managed in the community . What you find is that  some GPs  seem not to be as confident dealing with paediatric cases perhaps due to limited experience. "

"I think the idea of introducing paediatric posts for the GP trainees is great and  from  my experience here, it comes highly recommended.”  

Surgical Paediatrics

I am currently doing the surgical paediatric job. There is a good opportunity to go to clinics which I have found useful. It has also been useful seeing the emergency admissions coming to the ward. Because there are surgical trainees also working we tend to split the work so that they get more theatre time and I get more time in clinics and seeing emergency admissions, which works well, as that is more useful for me.  Overall I think it is a good job for GP trainees, with a good exposure to assessing unwell children and also a chance to get some general surgery experience OOH.”

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