Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Aberdeen’s Economy is Booming

There are lots of reasons why Aberdeen is a good place to settle. One reason is Aberdeen is a great place to find a job. The job market here is very buoyant whether that be within medicine or out with.

The Oil and Gas industry is booming with the highest investment in the industry during the past 30 years and because of the Oil and Gas industry Aberdeen is protected from the recession. This creates a safe and enjoyable environment for work and life.

Both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire offer great lifestyle opportunities.  It’s a great place for family life with numerous schools and activities for children such as country parks and youth festivals. There are safe neighbourhoods with booming restaurants, shopping centres and other entertainments.

Aberdeen is a truly cosmopolitan place with international communities of almost every origin with international full time and weekend schools available. There is an easy commute to many key European airports with regular flights available from Aberdeen International Airport and plenty of opportunities to further your studies in Aberdeen whichever career path you choose.

If your partner is non medical finding a job should be straight forward as there is a only a meagre 2% unemplowment in Aberdeen city and 1% in Aberdeenshire. Robert Collier, chief executive of Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce said "We need more inward migration to take us into the next generation and we still have good jobs available for skilled and well-qualified people”.

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