Thursday, 28 March 2013

Your Educational Program

So why are we first for training in the UK?  Well, as a GP Trainee in the North Deanery, you will be supported by our educational programme and will have access to a wide variety of experiences which will help you develop as a fully rounded GP. 

These include;

  • Our 2 day residential induction for ST1 which offers  a great opportunity to those new to GP training to fully understand what lies ahead of you and allows you to get to know the people and the environment where you have chosen to pursue your career. 
  • Specialist induction day for those of you who are non UK graduates.
  • In ST2 and ST3 there are induction programmes which impart specific information relevant to that year of  your training. 
The two main strands of our educational provision are small group work (all trainees are trained in practice based small group learning facilitation, and 50% of group work sessions are peer facilitated) and delivered core courses. These courses are a menu of topics which are less easy to learn about in either hospital posts or general practice.

As a  GP Trainee you will be the centre of our programme so regular meetings are held with you all throughout the year to ensure we have a two way dialogue about what works and what could be even better within our educational programme. 

Once you have completed your exams and assessments we aim to further prepare you for the workplace with our "Finishing School" curriculum which we hope will help launch you into a successful career in General Practice.

For those of you on the Rural Track Program you be well supported in the usual education programme via well-developed VC links and experienced VC facilitators.  To augment this we also run an annual specific Rural Workshop. As a Rural Track trainee you are also guaranteed BASICs training and 1 other rural-relavent course in addition to your other study leave.

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