Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Mental Health Teaching at Fyrish Monument

As part of our GP training we have Day Release groups which meet monthly and are composed of a mixture of trainees from different locations across the North of Scotland and at different stages of training. Since this was our last meeting together as a group before the ST3s fly the nest we decided to spend our morning session climbing up Fyrish Monument, near Alness in Easter Ross. The topic of the day was Mental Health and we tied this in to discuss ways of building resilience and looking after our own mental health.

Fyrish Monument was built in the 18th century by Sir Hector Munro during the time of the Highland Clearances and was built mainly to keep locals in useful work as they were being cleared off their land which they had worked on for centuries before. It was built to resemble the Gate of Negapatam in India, which Sir Hector captured for the British. As you may see from the picture it has great views over the North East coast and was a decent workout in typically sunny Highland weather!

Doing GP training in the North of Scotland provides so many opportunities to experience the outdoors and it was a great experience walking together whilst discussing how important it is to look after ourselves - and each other as colleagues - just as well as our patients. Day Release groups are an important way of discussing any difficulties in our lives as GPSTs in what can sometimes feel like a very independent career. It is also a great way of making friends and, as this day showed, help us appreciate the many benefits of living and working in the North of Scotland.

Dr Calum Hutchens, 
ST1, Aviemore Medical Practice

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