Friday, 3 May 2019

Escaping the facilitator drone for one of our own!

Group 2 ended the GP Day Release programme on a high with a ‘Walk & Talk’ in the morning around the Pictish fort of Craig Phadrig above and overlooking the Inverness District Asylum and later Craig Dunain Hospital

The group took with them a drone to better see the hospital which was state of the art when it was built in 1864 and is now being converted to luxury flats and lends a majestic foundation to the development with fantastic views over Inverness. The group were provided with an archive of stories from patients and staff collected by Jim Neville (local artist and Psychiatric Nurse) just before the hospital closed in 2000. 

The group then returned to Centre for Health Science for a discussion with Jim on his reflections and experience working in Craig Dunain Hospital. This was accompanied by some fantastic Black & White photographs taken by Craig Mackay (local photographer) and artwork created John McNaught (local artist), which were produced in conjunction with the stories and anecdotes collected by Jim. Jim then walked us through the life of a long-stay patient with reflections on how this had influenced him and his career. A poignant story which draw several discussions from the group in valuing ourselves, our patients and our work. 

A great way to say goodbye to group members leaving and celebrate our year of groupwork, topped off of course by some home-baking. 

Link to John McNaught Art work related to the stories collected by Jim - 

Link to history of Inverness District Asylum, with old photographs of the hospital - 

Dr Mark Taylor, Associate Advisor, Centre for Health Science, Inverness. 

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