Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Diving and Dining at the Annual Rural Track Workshop in Orkney

With nights being longer, Aurora Borealis in our Orkney skies and tourists nowhere to be found I feel like bringing memories of late spring days with blue skies, sun shining and puffins invading our northern archipelago...

This year there are also other memories to bring as our annual Rural Track Workshop took place in Orkney this year.

Over 2 days we hosted trainees from all rural areas of Scotland including Shetland, the Western Isles and Fort William.

The current Orkney 'herd' of GP trainees consists of 4 people: myself (Aneta), Alison, Jack and Shen. We were all very keen to host the event and show our fellow GP trainees what an exciting and diverse place Orkney is.

We spent our time quite actively, with Alison and Jack organising morning swims in clear waters of Orkney, myself trying to make sure everyone was fed and full of energy and Shen supplying local knowledge of ferry connections to some of the isles.

We had opportunity to hear from doctors at different stages of their careers, GPs and consultants alike, on what it is like to practice in Orkney and what challenges and excitement it brings.

We also visited local lifeboat station, decompression chamber for divers and we connected via VC with one of the remote islands to hear about experiences of truly rural & remote GP.

Personally, one of my favourite speakers was Dr Trevett, GP from Stromness, who talked to us about diving medicine and took opportunity to show us decompression chamber (one of four in entire Scotland!).

If you are interested in diving (medicine) Orkney is definitely a place to be! It is one of the most exciting spots for ship wreckage diving, just visit this website and it will give you an idea of what treasures Orkney seabed might hide.

I could go on and on about how wonderful place Orkney is and how everyone can find something in here for themselves, but I will l​et the pictures speak for themselves...

Dr Aneta Filipek
GPST, NHS Orkney

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