Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Supporting the Curriculum at the start of the Caledonian GP Day Release Programme

GP Day Release takes place once a month on a Wednesday for the Caledonian GP training Programme with a trainee led session in the morning and a facilitator led session in the afternoon.

The year kicked off last week with the help of a session from Highland Health Promotion Specialists and some personality profiling. Fortunately, all participants were deemed to have boundless personalities as we divided up into the behaviour profile headings of Driver, Enthusiast, Amiable and Analytical.

Small group work in the afternoon took the format of the usual starter for 10 with icebreakers, group rules and planning for the forthcoming year.

Group 2 attempted to 'Support the Curriculum'. As pictured, we split the group into 2 teams of 5 (2 volunteers and 3 helpers) and with the help of the helpers the 2 volunteers attempted to support the curriculum statements between each other. No curriculum statement was to touch the other and the paper was not to touch the floor.

The winning team was the one with the most curriculum statements supported. As you can see only a few of the rules were broken!

Hopefully everyone's eportfolio will be as good at capturing and supporting the curriculum statement headings as our volunteers were....

Dr Mark taylor
ES and GP Associate Advisor, NES, Inverness 

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