Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Cycling In.....

Due to circumstances beyond my control have had to dust down my bike and cycling shoes, leave the car at home and cycle to work . Given the recent fine weather we've had not such a hardship you'd think. However my new resolve was dampened somewhat by my cork handlebars, cycle overshoes and tri-bars all having been nibbled by mice in our garage. The realism of my endeavor dawning that perhaps it is longer than I thought since I was last in the saddle!
Still the effort has been well worth it with views like these to start and end the day. It doesn't seem to matter what happens in between when the weather is fine and the views are as good as this to cushion time and the hour of a busy day in practice.
Where in the country can you cycle to work, on quiet roads straight into a city and see a fox, a pine martin and three red squirrels all in the space of a hundred meters of Caledonian forest? Fortunately for the squirrels there was some distance between them and the pine martin...
What a privilege to live, work and play here.
Dr Mark Taylor, GP and Trainer, Kingsmills Medical Practice, Inverness
GP Associate Advisor, NES, Inverness Office

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