Wednesday, 2 March 2016

GP Recruitment, Round 1 Re-advertisement Timeline

For those considering putting in an application for the Round 1 Re advertisement of GP recruitment for August 2016 start date here are the important dates.  At the present time we do not have final figures for the current recruitment round so are unable to give an idea of how many posts we will be offering in the re-advertisement round.  As soon as we have finalised the posts taken up in the present round we will post those available in the re-advertisement round.  This will not be before the Upgrade deadline of 24th March 2016.

ST1 Recruitment for August 2016 

Advert appears Thursday 10th March 2016 
Applications open  (10am, UK time) Tuesday 22nd March 2016
Applications close (4pm, UK time) Thursday 7th April 2016 
Longlisting completed by Wednesday 13th April 2016 
Stage 2 invitations sent out   No later than Monday 18th April 2016
Stage 2 Assessment Window  Saturday 23rd – Tuesday 26th April 2016 
Stage 3 invitations sent out   No later than Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Stage 3 Selection Centre Window  Tuesday 10th – Thursday 12th May 2016 
First Offers released  Thursday 19th May 2016 
Holding deadline (1pm, UK time) Wednesday 25th May 2016 
Upgrading deadline  (4pm, UK time) Friday 27th May 2016 

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