Wednesday, 7 October 2015

2015 GMC Trainee Survey

The results of the 2015 GMC Trainee Survey are now available on line.  The survey is a valuable source of feedback for us and allows us to see where are programs are working well and where we need to improve them.

Unfortunately, now that Scotland is considered as a single deanery we are no longer able to separate out the North of Scotland however looking at Scotland as a whole, this years survey continues the very positive message that trainees have given us in the past.

Looking at the GP component of our training programs we are ranked second in the UK for overall satisfaction, just being pipped by Health Education South West who scored 90.7% compared to our 90.6% !  Looking at the GP component of training in more detail we were consistently ranked near the top in the UK.

  • Educational supervision:- Top
  • Clinical Supervision:-       Second
  • Induction:-                        Second
  • Supportive environment:- Second
So why not come and join us in one of the UK's top Deaneries for GP training!

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