Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Timetable for ST1 Recruitment for August 2016

ST1 Recruitment for August 2016

Advert appears  Thursday 5th November 2015
Applications open (10am, UK time)  Wednesday 11th November 2015
Applications close (4pm, UK time) Thursday 3rd December 2015 
Longlisting completed by Tuesday 15th December 2015 
Stage 2 invitations sent out No later than Monday 21st December 2015 
Stage 2 Assessment Window   Saturday 2nd January – Saturday 9th January 2016
Stage 3 invitations sent out No later than Wednesday 20th January 2016 
Stage 3 Selection Centre and local ACF Interview Window  Monday 1st February – Friday 12th February 2016
First Offers released   Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Holding deadline (1pm, UK time) Thursday 17th March 2016 
Upgrading deadline   (4pm, UK time)Thursday 24th March 2016
Feedback to candidates   Following completion of Round 2

No sooner have we completed the inductions for the August 2015 entry to GP Specialty training than the whole process starts all over again!  The timetable for GP Specialty Training commencing August 2016 has been released and is shown above.  So now is your opportunity to make that life changing decision and come to the North of Scotland for your GP Specialty training.

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