Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Thirty Years on Skye!

Charles Crighton is a GP Educational Supervisor in Portree on Skye, he has been there for 30 years, here are his reasons for staying.

After 30 years, there must be a good reason for staying.... Perhaps it’s:

1. The work itself. Consider the variety, from an urban GP-type day with the fascinating spectrum of patients’ and their problems, to a ferry trip to the weekly branch surgery on the island of Raasay, to a day in the community hospital doing a ward round and attending to all sorts of clinical presentations in A&E. If I want interesting and challenging clinical work, I’ve got it here. After 30 years, you’d think I’d be bored....


2. The work environment. A cracking team of administration staff, quality practice nurses, excellent medical colleagues, and a good building in which to practise. And a lively community hospital which marches with our GP work, giving us an enviable intermediate care facility


3. The community in which we live. An egalitarian, friendly place, with facilities which seem disproportionately good for such a small community e.g. a 650-pupil high school with an excellent community library and swimming pool, a cinema, and an eclectic range of matters of local interest


4. The environment. Where can the choice of outside interests be bettered, be it walking and climbing, or fishing, or kayaking, and so on? Where in the UK is the landscape more consistently breathtaking? I continue to take photographs on my rounds as if it was my first day on the job, still amazed at the wonders of this place.

Each is a good reason, all by itself. Perhaps I’ll stay....

Charles Crichton

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