Friday, 28 November 2014

Twitter Hour, 6-7pm Tuesday 2nd December

Twitter hour:

If you are thinking about applying for GP training in Scotland (or even if you're not!), why not join us for our 'Twitter hour' to answer all the burning questions that you have. The period for 2015 GP training recruitment ‎applications close on Thurs 4th December so this is a great opportunity to see what lies ahead.

We ran this last year, essentially as a Q&A session for FY2s and other trainees thinking of applying for GP, and it went pretty well! The nice thing here is that even if you don't have any specific questions if you can dip into the conversation and see what others have to say.

The 'Twitter hour' will be lead by Gordon MacLeay (who is GPST recruitment lead for Scotland) along with Ronald MacVicar (who is the Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education in North of Scotland). These lofty (yet very approachable) docs will also be joined by GP trainees who have first hand experience of the application process, as well as what it is like to train in Scotland.

What to do is use the hashtag #scotmt when asking questions and we should pick these up. To see what other conversations are happening simply search #scotmt. You can also follow and tweet @LangtoonG or @ronaldmacvicar to ask direct questions about training and recruitment. If you want a trainee perspective tweet @drdavidlovell or reply to any of the other trainees in the conversation.

The 'Twitter hour' will take place from 6-7pm on Tues 2nd December. Please join us!

Dr. David Lovell
GP Speciality Registrar

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