Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Grand Tours of The Scottish Islands

If you are interested in our remote and rural track program then you might be interested in the current BBC series Grand Tours of The Scottish Islands.  The series, presented by Paul Merton, sets out to explore life on the Scottish Isles.

These very same islands have some of the most acute general practice recruitment problems.  Jura, featured in the next program, was without its own GP for almost 2 years, surviving with a succession of GP locums and cover from neighbouring Islay until Drs Martin and Abby Beastall took over the practice in February 2013.  All this despite the islanders running a very innovative Facebook and Internet campaign to recruit a new GP.  The nearby islands of Mull and Islay have also had their own recruitment difficulties.

It is to address some of these difficulties that NES has created the Remote and Rural Track program which provides a 4 year program tailored to developing the skills required for life as a GP in these more remote locations in Scotland.

The programs are on BBC iPlayer and are aired at 7.30pm Monday evenings on BBC1 Scotland.  For those in the rest of the UK, to see them on iPlayer you will need to change your location to Scotland

Interested in island practice?  Here are some interesting links:-

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