Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Some More Feedback!

Sherif, one of our ST3s was kind enough to send us this feedback and has agreed to us sharing it with you all via our blog.

"Dear Anna,
I really cannot thank you enough for all your support and encouragement all the way through my training.  I mean that that in its own was a great help, having someone we feel is on our side offering help and support.

The mock CSA practice was also great and I think it would be of immense value to everyone in the future.  The actor coming in was also helpful, especially with the scenarios chosen but I feel the mock CSA was more focused and much more structured.  Combining both would be great but if I had to choose one or the other I would choose the latter.

My small group was just super, Jenny our facilitator was just so genuinely interested and she always had something planned whether it was CSA practice or general discussions or hot topics.  I owe her a lot and I think it makes a great difference to feel that as a tutor she genuinely cared about the group, it becomes a much more involving and rewarding experience so If you can somehow clone Jenny, that would  really help other trainees in the future.  :)

Finally I think it really comes down to the human factor, people providing the service rather than the service itself and I think everyone in our programme has been genuinely helpful and supportive and at no point did I  feel let down or given up on which is the essence  of any successful training programme.
Thank you again for everything.


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