Monday, 17 March 2014

Round 2 GP Recruitment

Orkney Fishing Fleet

Round 2 of GP Recruitment is now open!  We are pleased to say we have had a successful first round of recruitment filling over 80% of our GP Training posts.  The good news however is that there are still some excellent opportunities for those wishing to train in the North of Scotland.

All our Grampian rotations have filled in Round 1 however we still have three Caledonian 3 year posts and four Caledonian 4 year posts available.  We also have four Rural Track rotatations available, one in the Western Isles, one in Shetland and two in Orkney.  

Because the Round 1 clearing process is still ongoing we are unable to give final details of the rotations on offer but we will publicise them here as soon as they are finalised which will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks. 

The timetable for round 2 is as below, so don't delay, applications open tomorrow Tuesday 18th March and are only open for just over two weeks till April 3rd.

Applications can be submitted from10.00am Tuesday 18th March 2014
Applications MUST be submitted by17:00 on Thursday 3rd April 2014.
No late applications will be accepted under any circumstances
Foundation Competence evidence submitted by17:00 on Thursday 3rd April 2014.
Evidence MUST be attached to the application form at the time of submission.
Stage 2 (Computer Based Test)Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th April 2014. Places can be booked, on invitation, from 7th April 2014 once application has been accepted by long-listing deanery. No overseas assessment centres will be available during Round 2.
Stage 3 (Selection Centre)Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th May 2014
Offers outAround 16th May 2014 - offers may be released early if the deaneries are able to do so.
Offers accepted byWithin 48 hours of offer. National Clearing - From 26th May 2014 or as soon after as possible

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