Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Trainee's View of Orkney

Orkney also offers fantastic lifestyle opportunities.  Innez Moss is on the Rural GP Fellowship program in Orkney.  Here is what she has to say about her time in Orkney:- 

"I returned to Orkney last August after studying medicine at Dundee University and completing my GP training in Elgin and Inverness.  The new rural track training programme looks very exciting with lots of extra time and opportunities to enhance the skills required to be a rural GP.  I enjoyed my training in Elgin and Inverness and had chosen not to train in Orkney as I grew up here however several other local doctors who have trained here have had described the experience very positively.

I have focused on improving my skills to cover the single-handed island practises and completed three BASICS courses.  In addition I am completing the Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine and Level 1 and 2a Diving medicine courses so I can participate in the running of the local diving Chamber which treats divers who become unwell while diving in the Scapa Flow

Orkney has much to offer outside work with beautiful scenery, outdoor activities and much culturally.  The extra time spent through the rural track training will allow you much more scope to participate in the local community which is something I believe is very important as a Rural GP.  Personally I have several musical interests including singing in a choir and playing the fiddle but that is just a small part of the local musical scene, where you can enjoy a wide mix of bands in the local pubs or attend concerts of internationally acclaimed musicians at festivals such as the Folk festival and the St Magnus festival which has a more classical programme.  There are good sporting facilities available and various football, hockey and rugby leagues to join.  I enjoy taking my dog around the various beaches and hills and I hope to windsurf and learn to sail this summer.  For those who are more artistic there are many local artists with studios and some workshops to help inspire you and keep you entertained during the darker winter months.

I am happy to respond to any enquiries about working in Orkney and my email is inezmoss@nhs.net "

Orkney features both in our Rural Track Program, which has 2 posts based in Orkney, and also in our 4 year Grampian Programs, which include a 6 month posting in Orkney in the first year. As with all our rural general hospitals these posts get excellent feedback from our trainees, especially for the hands on experience and great support.

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